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O365 IT Support Statement

Statement from IT Support re Office 365

Hi all,

As you have been aware, over the last couple of days some of the main Microsoft products like your Outlook Online email account have been inaccessible on the RBL Community/MAP system.

The issue pertains to our renewal of licences which Microsoft had failed to renew automatically as expected.

Due to some unforeseen delays we were unable to manually rectify this and a high priority incident call was arranged with Microsoft.

Unfortunately during this time all of the RBL Community email accounts were disabled including Membership IT Support which meant we had no direct way of keep you all informed.

I have been liaising with the MSOs on a daily basis with updates for them to communicate to their areas. I appreciate that some areas may not have a current MSOS and so might not have received these updates.

This morning we have been informed by Microsoft that all the licences have been renewed and users should be able to log into the RBL Community system and access all products as usual.

Please note that during this time any incoming emails will not have reached your mailbox and they would have bounced back to the sender.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we are resolved to make sure this situation does not occur in the future.

Thank you again for your patience.

Tom Shepherd

Membership.ITSupport@rbl.community (March 22)