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Double Celebration for RBL in New Year's Honours

Double celebrations for RBL in New Year’s Honours

Two UK nationals in Spain –Pamela Twissell-Cross and Lloyd Milen are named in the New Year Honours List

Double celebrations for the Royal British Legion in the New Years Honours list with MBE’s awarded to a current member of the District Committee, and the former Patron of Spain District North, Pam Twissell-Cross and Lloyd Milen, respectively.

Although Pamela is still very much involved in local welfare in her capacity as Community Support Coordinator, Lloyd relinquished the honorary title of Patron when he moved from his Foreign Office position in the Alicante Consulate six years ago.

Retiring to Spain after a long career in the NHS, Pamela Twissell-Cross became involved with the Royal British Legion as a welfare volunteer caseworker in 2011, becoming District Community Support Coordinator three years later.

Despite being voluntary, the role is almost full time as she coordinated all the welfare work for an area spanning the France/Spain border right down to Almeria, including the Balearic Islands.

Pamela works unstintingly to identify potential beneficiaries, make them aware of the support that the RBL can provide, and ensure they get the support they need. In 2020, Pamela and her team assisted 569 people, with 342 receiving advice and signposting, and the remaining 227 receiving further RBL support.

Pamela Twissel Cross

HMA Hugh Elliott said: “As with most voluntary organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic has added to the RBL’s workload and, as their current Patron in Spain, I know how busy Pamela has been over the past two years, managing and supporting an increasing number of calls to the helpline. Yet, despite the volume of work, Pamela treats each beneficiary as an individual, showing seemingly endless compassion and care. She is also a tremendous help to our consulate in Alicante, providing a level of support to prisoners, and welfare and hospitalisation cases, which we would not be able to offer alone. This honour is very richly deserved.”

On hearing of the award Pam said: “I feel very honoured to be nominated for this honour, let alone chosen. It was a complete surprise and probably the most wonderful surprise I have ever had. I do wish my parents were still here to see it.

“I feel very privileged and excited as I undertake voluntary work to give back for the wonderful life I have had and expected nothing in return. It would be impossible to achieve anything without the amazing team around me especially the caseworkers who support beneficiaries in so many ways and I cannot thank them enough for their support, ideas and trust.”

Lloyd Milen, meanwhile, was the Patron of the RBL in Spain when he served as Vice Consul in Alicante, from 2008 to 2015. He was subsequently appointed British Consul General in Barcelona which then required him relinquishing the appointment.

He currently has responsibility for the UK Government´s relationships with the autonomous communities of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Aragon, and also for Andorra.

Lloyd Milen

Lloyd said:  “Growing up as a gay kid in Middlesbrough, I never imagined I’d have the role of Consul General in a city like Barcelona, nor that I’d receive an honour such as this. It truly is amazing, and I hope it helps demonstrate to kids growing up and wondering about their future that anything is possible. It is also a reflection of the amazing team I work with across the FCDO’s network in Spain – a brilliant group of people doing extraordinary work. I’m truly thankful.”

Lloyd Milen, British Consul General for Andorra, Aragon, Balearic Islands and Catalonia has been awarded an MBE for services to British nationals in Spain and to the UK in North East Spain.

Pamela Sheila Twissell-Cross, District Community Support Coordinator, Royal British Legion, Spain (District North) has been awarded an MBE for services to British nationals overseas.

Both were named in the New Year Honours List, published on Saturday 1 January 2022. (Jan 22)