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Greater London


Letter to all Member dated 22 June 2022


Brentford RBL BR0988

 The Greater London District Committee as presiding governing body for RBL London branches, following an audit of the branch, has identified your branch as being non-compliant and in need of establishing a stable branch administration status, to avoid closure.

The branch has less than twenty members and may struggle to establish a full Committee of six, i.e. three officers and a further three members. 

The range of options the Members should consider are as follows:-

  • Option 1: A full Branch Committee consisting of Branch Chairman, Branch Treasurer, Branch Secretary, plus, three Branch Committee Members. Branch Officers/Committee Members will be expected to take on Committee roles and undertake the Branch Management Training and Branch Treasurer’s Training course, as appropriate, within 3 months of taking up their roles. An email address would be a basic necessity for Officer roles


  • Option 2: Relinquish full branch status level and associated administration and accountability for finances and identify Members willing to act as the two points of contact as the communication channel from/to branch to District and staff.  The two points of contact must use email.   More detail attached.

Option 3: Amalgamation with another nearby branch.  This would need to be something that both branches are in agreement with, to merge Branch names and finances and would be for the existing branch to liaise and negotiate with any other branch wanting to explore this option and feedback to the District Chairman.


  • Option 3: Closure with transference of Members en-masse to the next nearest alternative branch, or specific individual’s Branch of choice. If the branch fails to generate the minimum requirement and interest to secure any of the options above, the branch will move to closure.  Members that are adverse to being transferred en-masse to an unspecified branch, should state their alternative branch of choice by contacting Sarah Stephenson, Membership Support Officer; email sstephenson@britishlegion.org.uk, stating which branch you are currently in and which you would prefer, following any closure.  Please bear in mind transferring to another branch can be requested at any time you wish.  Please quote your Members Number in any communication: «Member_No»

For those Members who are not able to easily use computer technology, but wish to take on an active part on the Committee, they should either telephone, email or write stating which Option they prefer and the position they wish to undertake. 

Any response you wish to make should be submitted by 31 July 2022.

 Members would not be written to again and the outcome will be communicated by either the new Committee or CSB Point of contact or following closure you would receive a Membership card reflecting the name of the branch you have been transferred to.