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Branch Ceremonial Officer Course

Branch Ceremonial Officers Course

The Branch Ceremonial Officers Course is designed to give an introduction to you the candidates of the role within the Branch. One course per year will be run over a weekend. With 20 Candidates only per session.  The Course will be available to both male/female Ceremonial Officers and Standard Bearers.

Both Myself and the Standard Bearing training school team will facilitate a basic foundation in The Ceremonial Officers duties. The Course will be certificated on attendance only and is not designed as a pass or fail course.  It is designed to give an insight into the role at Branch Level only.

Dates of the course are Saturday July 6th 2019 0900hrs till 1700hrs and Sunday 7th July 2019 1230hrs till 1700hrs.

The aim of the course is to build within the County a cohesive understanding on correctly conducting ceremonial services and parades which will help to stop any miss understanding with regard to both dress and procedure. It will bring everyone together working to a high standard and carrying out the role as per the ceremonial handbook.  It will help eradicate bad practice and misconceptions and enable a uniform approach County Wide as to what is required and how to implement procedure.