poppy field


Branch Meetings

The Whitwell Branch meets on Thursday of every 2nd month at the Whitwell Community Centre

Branch Officers

Chairman:  Mr Sam Clarke (email samishamish@hotmail.co.uk)

Vice Chairman: Mr NJ Turner (email nigel@turnerandwilsonfunerals.co.uk)

Secretary:  Mrs Christine Beach (email chris20beach16@sky.com)

Treasurer: Mrs JE Nielson, (email paulnielson07@gmail.com

Standard Bearer: Sam Clarke (email samishamish@hotmail.co.uk)

PAO (Poppy Appeal Organiser): Sam Clarke (email samishamish@hotmail.co.uk)

Poppy Appeal

Details will appear here for the 2021 poppy appeal as they become available.

News & Events

Best regards for 2021 to all members. We will update you on News & Events as they become available.