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The Poppy Appeal in Sedgeford

Branch area map.jpg

The geographical area outlined in black of the Sedgeford & District branch, in North West Norfolk.

YEAR SUMS RAISED AWARDS (Click on the link - will open up in a new tab)
2022 £3,949  
2019 £5,532.65 (so far)   
2018  £6,613.42  
2017  £6,554.58   
2016  £7,303.95   
2015  £6,562.08 

 Ellen Hammond Award (45 years)

Poppy Appeal Volunteers Nov 2015

2014 £7,378.82  
2013 £7,810.24  
2012  £6,538.22  
2011  £6,477.73   
2010 £7,012.00 Poppy Appeal Awards ceremony
2009  £6,003.74   

Awards ceremonies are held periodically to recognise the many years that various of our collectors have been collecting.


Poppy People - An Appeal for PEOPLE!

Pamela Austin has been Poppy Appeal Organiser from 2007 through to 2018. She was followed by Steve and Megan who stood down following the 2023 Appeal.

Anyone interested in helping in the Poppy Appeal for this year should contact our Poppy Appeal Organiser on 01485 512334. This new person need not be a British Legion member so do call this number if you might be interested in helping progress the valuable cause.