poppy field

Ramsey & District Branch.

Remembrance Sunday Armistice Day

Poppy Appeal, Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

This year has been particularly challenging in so many ways and for so many people. All over the country charities have been hard hit experiencing a devastating loss of funds. Like other UK charities the Royal British Legion has been no exception. The Royal British Legion Ramsey Branch fell short of its annual fundraising target because the coronavirus has hit its Poppy Appeal. Government restrictions had prevented the selling of poppies and collection of donations on the streets. The Ramsey British Legion Branch had to adapt on what appeared to be a daily basis. However, this could not have been done without a strong team of volunteers and a logistic supply chain not administered by the Branch Members before. Technology played its part in the distribution and collection of Poppy to and from the shops. All was conducted under the strict measures that we adhered too. It was a shame that the Branch could not man the usual table in TESCO. What was evident was the generosity of the people of Ramsey and District for which the Legion Branch thanks you all. Under the circumstance a truly incredible response.

Remembrance Sunday 8th Nov 15:00 and Armistice Day 11th Nov 11:00 were conducted along with Thomas A’Becket Church, Rev. Ian Osbourne and Ramsey Town Council, Mayor Steve Corney. The Bugle was played by Mr. Richard Batty. Both respective ceremonies were short but meaning full. we acknowledged the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country and acknowledge our responsibility to work for the peace they fought hard to achieve. All who attended were respectful of others. We did miss the Parade and Band though. Hopefully not too long before they are back.