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Our Volunteer Collectors are always at the 'frontline' of our annual Poppy Appeal.  Their role is twofold:

To help to collect the money that goes towards the £60 million which the Royal British Legion spends each year on its welfare work.

To Remind the general public about the importance of Remembrance.

North & East Yorkshire hope to raise a record amount during this year's Poppy Appeal.  This can only be achieved through the incredible amount of hard work by the fabulous volunteers who give up their time to deliver poppies, collect donations and organise fundraising events.

The money we raise from the Poppy Appeal helps us to provide practical, social and financial support to the serving and ex-service community.  We support all generations of the Armed Forces and their families - today and for the rest of their lives.

There are many ways that you can help to promote the Poppy Appeal in your area.  To help raise awareness within your community and to find out more information, please check us out at

Poppy People

Poppy Pete

The Royal British Legion is always in need of new volunteers to become Poppy People and assist with Poppy Appeal collections across North & East Yorkshire.

Without dedicated appeal organisers, planning the appeal at local level and our volunteer collectors, the Appeal, which helps thousands of ex-Service men and women every year, would never be the success it is!

We always need more people to come forward.  Becoming a Poppy Person can be both rewarding and fun.  You can collect in your work place, college, university, amongst your family and friends or even join with others at a local collection point - the choice is yours!

Should you wish to help with any aspect of the Poppy Appeal in your area, please contact the County Office, who will put you in touch with your local Poppy Appeal Organiser.

Volunteer Casework

Volunteer caseworkers are active in the North & East Yorkshire area the whole year round.  They give advice and assistance in claiming state benefits and pensions and  provide support through a family crisis such as bereavement etc.  They help people to apply for long term residential nursing care and short term respite breaks.  They also provide information on other local and national welfare organisations who support homeless ex-Service people.

'I just wanted to give something back to the generation who gave up so much for me.  I now know that The Royal British Legion does so much more than that.  I've helped men and women, young and old, with a wide range of concerns and needs. I really feel that being a caseworker means that I've made a positive impact on people's lives.'  - A Volunteer Caseworker for N&E Yorkshire.    

Hospital & Housebound Visitors

This is one of the oldest of the Legion's schemes, and sums up what our welfare network is all about, people looking out for each other.  Sometimes ex Service personnel, who are either housebound or in hospital, have no contact with the outside world. So the couple of hours our Visitors spend with them, can mean so much.


 Click here if you are interested in becoming Caseworker or Welfare Visitor


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