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North & East Yorkshire


Welcome to the Royal British Legion in North & East Yorkshire

Our aim is to support the delivery of welfare services and the membership of the Legion's branches and fundraising activities throughout North and East Yorkshire.

Membership of the Royal British Legion is available to all adults, not just members or ex-members of the Armed Forces.  We always welcome new members, why not drop into your local branch or click here to find out how you can join.


To find out who to contact in your area, look for a location near you by clicking on Branches.

12th Annual County Conference 2023

The 12th North & East Yorkshire Annual County Conference will take place on Saturday 14th January 2023. 

Social Network

North & East Yorkshire have their own facebook page with a fast growing support base.  We provide up to date information through linked, related friends and events in our area.  Why not become a friend of the Royal British Legion in North & East Yorkshire, after clicking on the link below.

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