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Can you help?

Warminster Branch chairman Andrew Clark has sent this to the branch members but if you feel able to help I have no doubt it will be welcomed

"I have received an email from Michael Martin, who is helping David Rose ex Green Howard who is suffering from MND and is trying to raise funds for SSAFA and MND by completing a Salisbury Plain 100km challenge.  See link below.  Please take a look and if you can help please do.  "

 Thanks folks




Poppy Party at Seend

This story has been sent in by Kevin Toft Seend Branch Secretary to Paul our MSO. Great stuff. Thank you Kevin.

As you are aware Seend Branch assisted a local parishioner (Alison Kent) and now branch member in the National RBL100 Centenary event "The Great Poppy Party". What started out as a band practice for Alison and her band "Strings Incognito" and when seeing this event advertised contacted me to see if our branch could help her organise the event and hopefully raise a few £100's for the Royal British Legion. 

On 15 June we met at our local pub and spoke with the tenants Judith and her partner Gary, we threw a couple of ideas around to come with a small fundraiser. We agreed on a tea party and an RBL stand. Which grew into something a little bit bigger! 

In the following weeks and after speaking to a few local businesses and the team at Babcock MOD Lyneham, what followed was unbelievable.

We posted a message on our branch facebook page asking branch members for help with baking and raffle prizes, Babcock agreed to make us 2 BBQs, and the local businesses fully supplied our BBQ and Tea Party. 3 bands agreed to perform for us and several WW2 enthusiasts turned up with their vintage military vehicles. We even had representation from the Riders Branch. 

The County store provided 2 gazebos, some stock for our poppy stand, the National Events Team helped with supplying decoration, collection buckets and a cashless collection device. The service from them was outstanding. 

So with some fantastic organisation and teamwork we were able to fit out the pub garden and camping field with a "Poppy" style event fit for the masses. We had around 200 guests arrive; local children took part in our fancy-dress competition. We even had a duck race in the recently cleared stream in the pub garden. Donations for the raffle and competitions included Gift vouchers, Photoshoots, Manicures, Meals for 2 and tickets for the REME Museum at Lyneham. 

Branch members manned our raffle table and membership stand in one tent, the second was manned again by branch members running a children's toy stand alongside a wreath making table and another fundraiser "guess the number of pins on Tommy the WW1 soldier". We had lots of interest and requests for information on assistance for welfare and a feeling we made a difference and raised the profile of the Legion in our area massively.

We ran the fun day from 2pm until late into the evening avoiding the rain, with 3 completely different bands playing for us and enough burgers and cakes to feed everyone. We had no idea how well we would do until the following few days when we counted the takings .... well be beat our estimate by a few £'s. The total raised so far is in excess of £3500. 

What a day we had! All pulling together and from a simple idea with an aim of just getting people together after the year we have had. That was it really!
The team that set the party up were:
Kevin Toft, Alison Kent, Paul Robinson, Judith Macfarlane (landlady) and her partner Gary Molloy.

The Bands: @59, Take5 and Strings Incognito.

Donors: Babcock MOD Lyneham, Bakkavor Devizes, Morrisons Devizes, Roses Ironmongers, Padfield Porkies, Planks Dairy.

The Venue: The Crown Inn, Bishops Cannings.
Lots of photos to see here 

East Knoyle Centenary

East Knoyle will celebrate their Centenary in September and Ron Clark has put together a PDF of the branches history. Follow this Link to read all about it.



Membership News Letter July 2021

A new RBL News Letter is now available for your information. Follow this link to the PDF with all the details and news.


RBL Volunteer Support Project 

We want to let you know about our new project, Legion Links

In short, the Legion Links project intends to create a national network of social groups offering support to carers in the Armed Forces community. The programme aims to help Armed Forces carers feel less lonely and isolated because of their caring role, by supporting them to develop interests, friendships, and engage more with their communities. Each group will be co-ordinated by two newly created volunteer roles, Support Group Facilitator and Support Group Administrator

We are currently in the process of locating venues for our first ten support groups launching between August – October 2021. At the moment we have two confirmed locations, the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire and the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, Shropshire. We now have a Legion Links page on the main RBL website, as well as having our volunteer roles listed on the main volunteer page. We will also have Volunteer Roles on local and national recruitment sites. 

The Legion Links Team are particularly interested in working with RBL branches on this project, both as potential locations for groups and as a source of potential volunteers. If you feel you or your branch members may be able to help in this project contact the Legion Links Team for a chat 

For a detailed description of the project and roles involved contact the webmaster for more information.

We are really keen to hear from members who may be interested in the roles, please ask them to register their interest at:


Timeline of the RBL

We are 100!! How many other great charities can say that? And how many can say they do the fantastic work we do ?

Just to show what and where we have got to here is a chart of the Timeline of the RBL.


For a more detailed history lesson click this link.





Well after much tooing and a bit of froing we finally have the embryo of a brand new Facebook page for the County. We are still working on it and content is a bit thin as yet BUT we have got there.
If you have any news from your branch regarding Centenary Celebrations, fund raising ventures, BCS stories or Standard bearer info you would like to share PLEASE feel free to forward them to  and we will get them on the site asap.

We look forward to hearing from you soon folks
Take care and stay safe





Dear Branch Chairmen and Secretaries,   

I hope you’re well and enjoy the spring weather.  

The Covid-19 pandemic is slowly getting under control, but we would like to remind branches that any events/activities they organise must adhere to the local regulations.   

Please visit your government’s website to check the latest information on restrictions and guidelines: 




Standard Bearers can now attend funerals if invited by the family of the deceased, provided they are included in the number of people allowed to be at the funeral. Each Standard Bearer should continue to monitor local situation and most importantly their own health to ensure they stay safe and keep everyone else safe. 


With best wishes, 

Una Cleminson 

National Chairman 



Virtual Annual Conference Details and Link to Watch. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please follow the link below to register to watch the RBL National Conference on the 14 - 16 May as a visitor. 

Please give this message the widest distribution around your membership, as anyone from your Branch who registers in advance is welcome to watch.

Best wishes





MORE Important Information Ref Covid 19 and the RBL

Please see below an important message from Karolina Brzeska, Head of Membership Operations.

Good morning, 

Following a large number of queries about branches ‘re-opening,’ we have created a new COVID-19 guidance document (attached).

Also, if the link to the funeral guidance within the document does not work, please use this one: 

Government Guidance Covid 19

Please make sure you share it with your County Committees and branches. I will also send it out on O365 and post on Yammer. 

I hope it covers all aspects, but if you or your members have any queries, please get in touch. 

Best wishes


Karolina Brzeska

Head of Membership Operations




A video message from the Director General

Dear All,
Over these last weeks I have spoken to many people who are doing all they can to keep our country and communities working, from those in the big supermarkets to friends trying to run their own small businesses, from those who are Serving to politicians and to delivery drivers, from other charities to staff working across the Legion and with members who are supporting our beneficiaries in communities across the UK and Europe. We are all facing real and fundamental issues with huge unknowns and many common challenges and shared concerns. All are doing their very best to understand and navigate this new world. None have all the answers. None expect to get everything right but all I have spoken to are determined to play their part as best they can and build stronger communities and nations as we emerge from this.

The Legion was created as a response to massive challenge and change. The red poppy took root and grew as a national (indeed international) symbol of remembrance and hope. This short message reflects those challenges and that shared determination. Please forgive the rather home made recording.


Best wishes


Charles Byrne

Director General




Question Regarding Covid 19 ( Corona Virus) Precautions

As the situation changes hour by hour more information becomes available to help in the control of the disease. The following links to documents with RBL advice on various subjects can be followed by clicking on the RED link.

RBL Volunteers

RBL General Advice

RBL Volunteers and Staff


Welcome to The Royal British Legion in

We are to administer and support the delivery of welfare services and the membership and fundraising activities of the Legion's branches and clubs throughout Wiltshire.

Membership of The Royal British Legion is available to all adults, not just members or ex-members of the forces and we always welcome new members. Drop into your local branch or click here to find out how you can join.

County Contact Details

County Chairman Mike Swaby :  
County Website Editor Keith Passant :
County Parade Marshall John Smith :

Membership Support Officer Paul Bunce :
County Fund Raiser Ally Chrichton

Further contact information for all Area Staff is available here

Public Liability Certificate 2019/20 Available HERE


Wiltshire Branches

The Royal British Legion - Wiltshire Branches in a larger map.

Contact details for prospective members are available on each Branch.



 Royal Wootton Bassett "Forever" Memorial.

Many people will be aware of the marble poppy that was at the entrance to the town. You may also be aware that in October 2017 the poppy collapsed under its own weight. At first thought to be vandalism this was soon debunked as footage from CCTV showed the poppy collapsing.

It was thought that the poppy would not be replaced but after some hard work there has been a decision to replace the marble poppy with a bronze one. 

The story behind it all can be seen along with photos here. Of course funding has to be raised and donations from individuals and interested companies can be made via the website.

The poppy sculpture is to be named "Forever" to continue as a memorial to the 355 members of the Armed Forces that lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and were repatriated through Royal Wootton Bassett.

Please feel free to publish this far and wide in an effort to help raise the required funds for a very worthy cause.


Cant Find the OLD news?




Latest County Newsletter and MSO Updates

The latest NEW look County Newsletter (Formerly County Circular) is now available to view HERE


County President and Chairmans Messages

These are available here for you to view   


Latest PAO News Letter 

Follow the link for latest Poppy Appeal news and information.

Clean Up

Occassionally items on the front page of the website become out of date and not current. So in an attempt to keep the website tidy and easy to find your way around items need to be taken off but we appreciate they may still be relevant to various visitors. Dont worry. Anything that falls in to this area of the tidy up is moved to the Archives on the left hand menu near the bottom of the list. Check there first and if its not in there then drop me an email as I keep this on my computer and can send you the details.

 New Facebook Group

We have put together a Facebook page for RBL Wiltshire to try and attract more members and keep the world up to speed with whats happening in Wiltshire. Why dont you pop along by following the link and see what we have so far.

Royal British Legion Wiltshire


Poppy Appeal Organisers Required

Currently we are looking for help in the following locations. If you feel you can help by becoming the PAO in these areas please contact either the County Fund Raiser or the Membership Support Officer for details.
Teffont Magna


Many thanks


   Branch News and Photograhs





Veterans Gateway Information 


Veterans’ Gateway is made up of a consortium of organisations and Armed Forces charities, including The Royal British Legion, SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity, Poppyscotland, Combat Stress and Connect Assist.

Their connection with additional key referral organisations – both within and outside the Armed Forces sector – means we can get you to the right organisation who can help.

Funded by The Armed Forces Covenant, this is the first time a group of this kind has come together formally to deliver a service to help the Armed Forces community.

Get in touch

You can speak to one of our team by phone or email.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to put you in touch with the help you need, or direct you to the information you are looking for.

Mark Collins

Assistant Director Veterans Gateway


 Branch Minutes and Newsletters

Warminster Branch minutes added to site here
Why not send yours to Keith for adding to the site?


 Well if you have we now have a list of what the RBL does in the Services community. Take a look HERE.


Armed Forces Covenant in Numbers Fact Sheet

Attached are some details of how and who is supporting the covenant and what has been achieved so far. The document is available HERE.




Wiltshire Riders Branch


Allen McIlvar, who runs the Wiltshire Riders Branch, has asked me to let you  know that he is very happy to give a presentation about the Riders Branch to your Branch Meetings. 
You can contract Allen via the County Office email address or follow this link

 Volunteering to Help

If you would like to do some voluntary work with the Legion please have a look at the following link. VOLUNTEERING TO HELP.



The Legion and the Centenary
Details in a PDF file on the RBL Centenary Projects that will be updated throughout the year. Take a look and print a copy off for your use.


View our News & Events calendar for more information on what's happening.

About The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is the nation's leading Armed Forces charity providing care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present and their families. It is also the national Custodian of Remembrance and safeguards the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces. It is best known for the annual Poppy Appeal and its emblem the red poppy.

Advice and Assistance

There are three ways for those needing our assistance to contact the RBL:

  • The Knowledge Base which is accessed through the RBL website
  • The Contact Centre (new free phone number: 0808 8028080) which is open from 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week.
  • Face to face meeting with a Caseworker or Case Officer.


If the Knowledge Base does not answer the query, or if the individual does not have access to a computer, then the next port of call is the Contact Centre. This Centre is now working 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. If the Contact Centre is not able to resolve the issue then it passes the details of the case to the Area Advice and Information Team Leader (AITL). The AITL will then pass the case onto the local Case Officer (CO) and they will allocate the case to a caseworker who will arrange to meet the person making the enquiry.

There are a number of opportunities for Volunteering roles and we especially need more volunteer caseworkers.  If you are interested in volunteer work you can find a form of Expression of Interest at this link 

If you would like to volunteer for one of these roles please complete the form and send it to Fi Hedges whose address is at the bottom of the form.


Kate Green                  Area Manager Overseas & Interim Area Manager Somerset and Wiltshire

Rob Smith                      Area Administrator  - Somerset & Wiltshire

Fiona Hedges               Membership Support Officer Wiltshire

Laura Carey                  Area Advice and Information Team Leader 

Lisa Monis                      Case Officer  - Wiltshire

Isobel Thompson         Advice & Information Officer 0808 802 8080

Sandra Long                  Case Officer:                          

                                       Tidworth,Salisbury&Warminster Area 

Vacant                           Advice and Information Officer,

                                      Tidworth/ Salisbury/Warminster Area

Julie Welch                    Advice & Information Officer, Somerset

Chris Studham               Advice & Information Officer, Somerset

Samantha Jones            Case Officer - Somerset

Fi Dobson                       Community Fundraiser Wiltshire




Swindon Area Office, 

The Royal British Legion

104 Above Bar Street



SO14 7DT

Thankyou for your co-operation.



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