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An ex Royal Green Jacket, Scott Darrington, is now employed by the Royal British Legion as the Regional Health & Safety Advisor for the Midlands area.

Scott's statement:


I have only been in the post a few weeks and have met so many people. I am overwhelmed by the contributions made by volunteers and clear dedication of employees, with one goal, helping ex/current Service personnel and families.

Health & Safety has had a rough ride over recent years; with the press not helping matters. I believe a common sense approach, good communication, understanding, involvement and planning is vital to help organisations comply and understand current H&S legislation. Health & Safety should never be a burden to an organisation, good Health and Safety should never impede a task, but enhance it. I understand simple changes can affect different people, but it is how those changes are communicated and managed that makes the difference. 

I am here to provide advice and give clear direction on Health & Safety issues you may encounter whilst working for the Royal British Legion. I do not know all the answers and I challenge any Health & Safety professional who does, but I can certainly find out, so use me. I am new to this Charity so don't just tell me or I will forget, don't show me because I will just remember, involve me because I will learn!

Best wishes,

Scott Darrington

Contact details:

Mobile: 07585 883406


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