The following transcription was taken from the Norwich Mercury dated 10 October 1922.


With a view to forming a Norfolk County Committee, delegates of all Norfolk Branches were invited to attend a conference at St Faith's Lane on Saturday 7 October 1922.
Captain A E H Lee (Chairman of the Eastern Area Council) was in the chair, and welcomed the delegates.

Mr Walling (joint Hon Secretary Eastern Area Council) outlined the idea of a County Committee, and informed the conference that great success had been obtained by the committees formed in Cambridgeshire and Essex.

After considerable discussion, it was finally decided to form a County Committee to consist of a delegate from each branch, with a small executive of five to carry on as a General Purposes Committee.

Officials were elected as follows: Chairman: Mr H A Freeman; Vice-Chairman: Major A  Mirrlees; Hon Secretary and Treasurer: Mr W H  Addison.

Mr Jex of Holt was elected to fill a vacancy on the Eastern Area Council occasioned by Captain F Dixon having left the neighbourhood.

The conference discussed the new administration of the relief fund of the USF. Mr Walling informing the conference that any ex-Service man in distress should apply to the branch secretary of his own branch, who, if the case was a deserving one and within the scope of the fund, would forward same to the USF Office at Great Yarmouth, and that cases were dealt with by return of post.

Reports were received as to the good work done by the British Legion Unity Relief Fund. Mr P T Lord reported upon cases helped and small business loans made.

Indignation was expressed by all the delegates as to the way ex-Service representatives on the new Norwich War Pensions Committee had been selected by the Ministry, and, with one exception, it was unanimously decided to ask the Ministry to withdraw four of the chosen representatives, and the Hon Secretary was instructed to submit four other names.

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