Lamp Post Poppies

Derbyshire Lamp Post Poppy Campaign 2021

The 2020 Derbyshire ‘Lamp Post Poppies’ Campaign. A great thank you to all the local councils who even in the midst of an international Covid-19 pandemic found time to put lamp post poppies out.

Hopefully by the time comes around in 2021 life may be easier for us all. Again Thank you

Once again we are inviting all Local Councils to take part: Derbyshire 'Lamp Post Poppies' Campaign

Some photo images from the Lamp Post Appeal

Poppies On Lamp Posts V3


 Poppies On Lamp Posts V1  Poppies On Lamp Posts V2

We invite you all to take part across the county and to review the standing invitation to your Local Council and help bring them on board.

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