As seen through the eyes of an 11 year old girl

Lilliana Wilson

This poem was written by Lilliana Wilson, Grand Daughter of ‘Poppy Appeal Organiser’ for Alfreton and District, David Wilson.   Lilliana

Poem:As seen through the eyes of an 11 year old girl

Ann Frank,
A soldier at heart.
If I am being honest,
We all played a part.

But all of those soldiers,
And all of those men.
Guess we couldn't put them back together again... 

All of those families,
All of those deaths.
No wonder all those people,
Ended up depressed.

The beautiful nurses that came to their aid, we thank you for all the good choices you've made! 

Even today, we celebrate the time.
Of winning the war of 1939z

All of those people.
Who stood there so strong.
Dressed in their uniforms,
Singing along.

Making them feel better with some catchy tunes, like: ' over there' or ' the thunderer' to take away their blues.

Away from their families,
For far to long.
They still wore a smile,
That gave us all hope and kept us strong.

You are our saviours,
For your bravery and skill.
And over your dead bodies lay a poppy on a hill.

John McCray, a believer and still.
He made a poppy,
Resembling the one on the hill.

Now we wear these poppy's,
For remembrance of you.
We thank you all,
For everything you do.

Those fallen soldiers,
And those fallen aids.
We wish you luck in heaven,
And some just want to say:

We miss you beloved,
With all of our hearts.
Then when you left us,
It tore us apart.
We had hoped to see your face once again...

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