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This page will be purely for information relevant to Branches throughout the county. 

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Branch Returns


I have had a lot of questions about which Form to complete for year end accounts so just a quick note with the forms in case you have any questions. The name has been changed on one form so may be causing the confusion.


Which form do I need to complete?


You must complete either a Branch Accounts Form or Income and Expenditure Form.


Branch Accounts Form


You must complete a Branch Accounts Form if:

1. There is a corporate or local trusteeship property connected to your Branch; or

2. Your Branch has assets in excess of £200,000; or

3. Your Branch has income or expenditure for the year in excess of £30,000.


Income Expenditure Form


All other Branches (apart from LOMAS branches – see section 6.3) should complete an

Income and Expenditure Form.

Branch Guide

If  you have not received the correct form please email Fi on

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