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The 2017 LIBOR Normandy tours will depart in March, April, May and September and will be open to all Normandy veterans meeting the eligibility criteria plus 2 family members/carers. In addition, an overnight stay pre and post tour in either London or Ashford is included (not included for Bristol departure) and each participant will be given a travel allowance of up to £50.00 per person towards the cost of travel to their departure point.

A Royal British Legion guide, a doctor and an Arena Travel tour manager will accompany the tours.   Full details including departure dates and itineries are available here. 

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Give Us Time takes one-week holidays donated by owners of holiday homes and timeshares, and matches them with military personnel in need of rest, rehabilitation and reconnection with their families. The charity was founded in 2012 by Dr Liam Fox MP who, in his time as an Army medic and later as Secretary of State for Defence, became aware that homecomings were not always as easy as might be expected for service personnel or their families.

After 6 months away, the family dynamic has changed and it can be stressful for service personnel to come back into a family environment which they expected to be the same as it was before. Give Us Time helps service families adjust to life after combat. The charity provides families with the chance to spend time together and reconnect, as couples and as parents, and to reaffirm their family bond.

You can read more about the "Give us Time" charity here http://www.giveustime.org.uk/about


Summer Family Films

Rewards for Forces Discounted Cinema Tickets

To claim your discount:-

  • Log on to www.rewardsforforces.co.uk
  • Click the top banner to purchase a Cinema Rewards membership
  • Agree to the T&C’s and click “Buy now and start saving”
  • Once you have paid for the membership you can access Rewards
  • Login to Rewards for Forces and click on the top banner
  • Click “Shop Now” and select the cinema you would like tickets for
  • Then you can select if you want an e-code or paper ticket and click “Add now”
  • Proceed to checkout and pay for your discounted tickets

If you have any questions you can call Rewards for Forces on 01604 647770.
Katrina McMahon, Marketing & Creative Manager, Rewards for Forces
W: www.rewardsforforces.co.uk
T: 01604 647770  

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