Fundraising Information


If you would like to fundraise for The Royal British Legion, please contact The Community Fundraiser before printing any materials using the Legion logo.

Below are detals of various fundraising activities.  We hope you enjoy supporting them.

Military Remembrance Pins

These are available for many Units/Regiments and 20% from all sales is being donated to the Poppy Appeal.  Only £7.50 +VAT

Click here to visit the site and see the full range of available pins.

Mercian Regiment Remembrance Pin



Our very own County Committee member, Mr Colin Shields has written a book on how Brian Clough changed his life.  A read to be recommended.  £10 with some proceeds coming to The Royal British Legion.






'Their Names Will Live On'

Paperback A5 Flier


This book which tells the amazing true stories of more than 60 unsung war heroes has been released.

Written by award-winning veteran newspaper reporter Andy Smart, Their Names Will Live On recounts the awe-inspiring recollections of servicemen who have bravely fought for their country during a century of warfare, from the trenches of World War One to the frontline in Afghanistan.

Covering all the major conflicts of the past 100 years, the book is packed full of real- life tales of courage, honour and survival.

It is now available in softback at a reduced price of £10 plus £2 p&p which includes a donation to the Royal British Legion, which continues to provide help and comfort to veterans and their families.

The 224-page book, which is full of many personal photographs, features interviews with veterans ranging from a 103-year-old who fought in the trenches on the Western Front to a decorated hero from Afghanistan

There are also many poignant stories about those who made the supreme sacrifice.

In a newspaper career spanning more than 40 years, Andy Smart has interviewed countless war veterans for the Nottingham Post's Bygones section.

Without a single exception, the stories they told have been both inspiring and humbling. They are the true words of ordinary individuals called upon to carry out extraordinary acts of bravery and commitment.

Mr Smart said: "This is a book about real people, real experiences and the reality of waging war. I've been extremely lucky over my career to have had the opportunity to  meet and interview so many ex-servicemen, who have shared their remarkable experiences with me.

"In every instance, I have felt privileged to share tales of glories long past, proud that I have been able to record their actions and honoured to have been granted permission to reveal their exploits to the readers of my articles.

"However, there is an old saying about today's newspapers being tomorrow's fish and chip wrapping - once the next edition hits the street, they become yellowing fragments of history, tossed aside, stuffed in old boxes or used to line the bottom of a draw. And with them go the stories of the brave souls who fought, and in many cases, died for our freedom.

"That has never seemed entirely satisfactory to me, so Their Names Will Live On is my way of honouring them and ensuring that rather than be forgotten, their stories have a permanent, recorded place in military history."

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