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legionmag_aug-sep2012.jpgLegion Magazine is published six times each year and is free to all Legion members. It provides in depth stories on our welfare services and beneficiaries as well as the latest news from our branches.

Some of Legion Magazine's regular features include, 'Attenshun' - pictures and news snippets from the world of the Legion, 'Lost Trails' - Tracing friends and comrades, and  'Letters' - Members views and stories.

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Please see the following guidelines from Internal Communications regarding the submission of news items to Legion

Editorial guidelines 

We are always happy to receive items for publication in our magazines, but they often fall at the first hurdle. So, in order to make everyone's life easier we have produced the following guidelines. 

Words: Copy submitted by email should be sent to us as a Microsoft Word attachment, or written into the body of an email message. Stories sent through the post should be sent as a typed document, as experience tells us that we cannot always read people's handwriting.

Please note that the editorial team will edit stories to meet house-style requirements and to fit available space in publications. 

You should also ensure that all the following details are included in your story:

  • Name of the member/branch/county that the story involves
  • If the story is about an event, when and where it took place
  • If it is a fundraising story, how much money was raised (a rough figure is acceptable if the final total is not yet known)
  • A quote from someone who was involved. If this is not available at the time of submission, please send contact details of someone who would be able to provide a quote.
  • A contact telephone number and email address of someone who can provide further information, if needed. Please bear in mind that these details may be published. 

Images: Photographs, if submitted over email or on a CD, must be high-resolution and saved as a jpeg file. Please note that print resolution is 300dpi and a file size of less than 500kb is unlikely to be big enough for us to use. Also, please do not embed images in a Word document. 

Images may also need to be cropped by our picture department to meet press requirements. 

If submitted by post, photos must be the originals, printed on photographic paper. We cannot accept photocopies, or images have been printed onto standard printer paper, as it results in a poor-quality image when printed.

 If you have any questions about our print requirements, please email us at or call us on 020 7880 7667. 

Finally, please note that there are only six issues of each publication per year and a limited amount of space in each. While we try to publish as much news as possible, there will always be some stories that are not published. However, by following these guidelines, you will improve your story's chances of being printed in Legion.

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