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Legion news & events in Lincolnshire

County Calendar of Events 2015

17 January           Annual Meeting of County Conference                     Horncastle

24 January           County Committee Meeting                                       Waddington Club

25 January           Standard Bearers School                                            Crowland

14 February          Regional Standard Bearers Competition                    Loughborough

9 March                County Management Board Meeting                         Lincoln Office

22 March              Standard Bearers School                                            Louth

18 April                County Committee Meeting                                       Waddington Club

TBA                     Meeting of Annual Conference Delegates                 Donington Club

10 May                Annual County Service of Rededication                    Sleaford

16/17 May           Annual Conference                                                     Southport

14 June               Standard Bearers School                                            Crowland

15 June               County Management Board Meeting                         Lincoln Office

27 June               Armed Forces Day                                                      Countrywide

11 July                County Committee Meeting                                       Alford

17 August            County Management Board Meeting                         Lincoln Office

18/19 September County Chairman’s Seminar                                       Staverton

20 September      Standard Bearers School – AGM                               Louth

26 September      Branch Chairmen/Secretaries’ Seminar                       Donington      

27 September      County Standard Bearer Comp                                    Horncastle

3 October            County Committee Meeting                                       Waddington Club

24 October          Poppy Appeal                                                            East Kirkby

1 November        Festival of Remembrance                                           RAFC Cranwell

7 November        Festival of Remembrance                                           Royal Albert Hall

8 November        Remembrance Sunday                                                Countrywide

11 November      Armistice Day                                                             Countrywide

12 December      County Committee Meeting                                       Waddington Club

9 January 2016   Annual Meeting of County Conference              

QEGS Horncastle

NB:  This calendar of events is subject to change depending upon National events etc.