Standard Bearers

Standard Bearers

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Standard Bearers come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they do all possess is a sense of pride of a wish to continue honouring The Fallen.

Standard Bearers

Standard Bearers 2


Victoria Harris is Kents' youngest Standard Bearer at present and we spent a little time with her ....

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Being a young standard bearer is overwhelming at times. The support I've recieved from my branch and my county in my first year has been amazing from kit tips to teaching me to march. Because of all the support I recieved I was able to enter the county standard bearers competion. At county conference I was awarded two awards  for standard bearering. 
The reason I standard bearer is because of the sense of pride I feel when I'm carrying my branch standard or any other standard I carry. It's know that I'm helping to keep a tradition alive, and I'm showing respect to our fallen. 
I would encourage any young person to give it a try.
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