Thank You Letters

We're lucky to receive thank you letters from people that we've helped - and we thought you might like to hear from them too:

"May I thank The British Legion for the generous grant they gave me to refurbish my home, I am most grateful to all concerned".

God Bless you all.

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of my husband, myself and my family, for the assistance you gave. This act of kindness and support has greatly eased our daily life".

Once again thank you for all of your support.

"We have received some hard knocks since coming out of the Army and despite asking for repeated help to overcome these problems, my son and I went without help. The wonderful British Legion are the only people who have taken the time to give us practical aid and support. You have given us hope, which is no small gift to give".


"I cannot express my gratitude enough, but would simply like to let you know that my life has been changed 100% and I will be forever grateful".

"Thanks to all at the RBL, I really had just about given up!"

"In grateful thanks for all your help and support, you will never know how much it was appreciated".

"I think it is the right thing in writing to you to thank you for your help and donation in the purchase of a riser/recliner chair, for which I will be eternally grateful".

"I would like to express the thanks of all my family for the British Legions support, by helping us to finance a motorised wheelchair for my son. We now have the wheelchair and it has made a tremendous difference to our lives. It has increases my sons independence and gives him real enjoyment to be able to stand again. For the rest of us it means we can go out for walks and not become physically exhausted from the efforts of pushing the chair up hill".

"We really do appreciate your help", many thanks.

"A very big thank you to The Royal British Legion for the donation to enable me to have a lovely new boiler.  The house is now nice and warm and plenty of hot water.  It is so good not be to worrying any more about such a big project."

"I would like to thank you sincerely for organising, providing and paying for the mattress and divan.  I am now able to sleep upstairs rather than on the front room floor which I have been doing for the last two years due to being disabled and not being able to afford a suitable appropriate bed."

"We cannot thank you enough for the grant that you gave us for the stairlift.  The transformation it has made to our quality of life is wonderful and pain free.  We had seriously been thinking of going into residential warden assisted housing as we are finding things difficult now."

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