VJ Celebrations 2015

Many commemorative events took place across the county and at fairly short notice a commemorative event took place at Chartwell, home of Sir Winston Churchill on 15th August. This was supported by riders, standard bearers and county members, and in particular veterans of the Far East campaign, or the forgotten army as they were referred to. Guy Huntrods CBE at 92 years old enjoyed a ride on the back of a riders bike ! helped on and off by 6 helpers.


An emotional day was had by Veterans and relatives who attended this short service upon hearing the names of the Far East Prisoners of War (FEPOW). A surprising number of relatives were happy to attend after they had been found and were delighted this event was taking place. Some travelled very many miles and one of our soldiers who survived the war but died in an accident had a wreath laid for him by representatives of three generations of his family, every one of them proud to hear his name mentioned.

Eight of those on the war memorial had died in the Far East and four had relatives there to honour their memory.

The Veterans attending were led in parade by Gary Gunner, Chairman of the newly formed Dover White Cliffs Branch and marched up to the memorial accompanied by local piper Alex Miller who previously had the pleasure of playing at Balmoral when HM The Queen was in residence.

Emotions ran high as the names were read out and quite a few tears were secretly wiped away. The Standards were lowered with great dignity that demanded and got respect as we stood, silently, remembering the sacrifice made by those whose names we were privileged to hear. After the two minutes silence we all felt the sadness at the loss of many, young and brave men but the heads held high by the Veterans showed pride at having done what was owed to their comrades in arms; Respect was shown. We did remember them and when we went home we thanked them for our today.