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Support The Royal British Legion by taking part in our 2013 Superhero Run!



The Doitforcharity.com superhero run will be taking place in London on the 19th May 2013. Over 2,000 people are expected to take part raising funds for hundreds of different charities and now this is your chance to join them!

No previous experience is required and with a bit of training the 5km or 10km distance should easily be within your capabilities. The spirit of the event is 'taking part' not 'winning' so you can run, jog or walk - you decide!

All you need to do is pledge to raise £100 for The Royal British Legion. Then reserve your place by completing the enclosed registration form.  Alternatively you can register online at www.doitforcharity.com - The Royal British Legion is counting on your support!

The Doitforcharity.com Superhero Run will take place in London's Regent Park on Sunday 19th May 2013*
* Precise dates and venues are subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions…

When and where
The 2013 DoitforCharity Superhero run will take place on Sunday 19th May in London's Regents Park. This parkland venue offers a perfect setting for you to enjoy your run on behalf of The Royal British Legion!

How fit do I need to be?
Hundreds of thousands of people take part in 5km and 10km runs every year - many of them for the first time. It's therefore perfectly achievable for the 'average' person to take part in this event but in order to maximise your enjoyment you DO need to train - and that means more than just a couple of jogs in the park! However, help is at hand in the form of the www.doitforcharity.com fitness pages where we give you a sample training plan - The Royal British Legion will also be able to give you help and support.

What kit will I need?
Running is one of those great sports where you won't need lots of expensive equipment. A good pair of running shoes should last for around 500 miles which is 8 months on an average 15 miles/week training schedule. Once again help is at hand in the form of www.doitforcharity.com kit pages where you will learn the importance of choosing the correct shoes. Please note however that it's important that you buy them at least a couple of months before the event itself so that have a chance to wear them in!
Both male and female Superhero costumes will be provided for you on the day - free of charge so don't forget to pick one up! Alternatively you are more than welcome to bring your own costume - all superhero's are welcome!

How can I raise the sponsorship money?
Most charities will ask you to raise £100 or more to take part in the Doitforcharity 5km or 10km run - the reason for this is that places are extremely limited and the charities obviously want maximum benefit from the places they have been allocated.

However, you shouldn't find it difficult to raise this money - after all you don't run 5km or 10km every day do you?! Top tips include asking your employer to match everything you raise pound for pound. Also you could ask people to sponsor you per kilometer (so the minimum you'll get from anybody is £5 which means you only need to find 20 people to reach the £100 fundraising target!) 

You can create your own personal fundraising page on www.doitforcharity.com/give where people can simply donate on-line.

Once again more advice is available is on www.doitforcharity.com on the fundraising advice pages and The Royal British Legion should be able to help out as well.

What do I need to do next?
Simply complete the enclosed registration form or register online at www.doitforcharity.com .  As long as you commit to raising the minimum sponsorship The Royal British Legion will be delighted to have you running on their behalf! 

Reserve your place Today!

  £22 registration fee

Medical Restrictions You should be reasonably fit to take part in this event and you are strongly advised to undertake some training. If you have any doubts about your ability to take part including without limitation having pre-existing medical conditions you should contact your doctor to seek advice.IMPORTANT NOTICE Running is an active sport and participation in such sports necessarily involves a risk of injury or death regardless of the standard of the event you are taking part in. I voluntarily accept all the risks inherent in this event and I agree for myself and my personal representatives to indemnify and hold harmless Skyline Promotions Ltd against any claim or claims whether on my own account or from third parties arising out of any accident or incident resulting in any loss or damage (including bodily injury and death). Emal-Superhero Run Pic - 6506.jpg

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