WW1 Commemoration


Commonwealth War Grave Commission


Due to an increased amount of activities and events taking place over the next five year commemoration period within the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC’s) cemeteries and memorials, the CWGC is making contact with all relevant organisers to request that they advise them in the early stages of any proposed events, activities and tours.

This will enable them to log the details on their events database, which displays all events taking place over the period, flagging of any closed sites, clashes of events or major works taking place.

It will also give them the opportunity to provide any support to the Legion if required, and working with their gardeners and technical teams, ensure the cemeteries are ‘event ready’ in time for any planned Legion activities.

Note: The CWGC is therefore requesting that any Legion staff, volunteers or members planning an event at one of their locations, or know of one that is already taking place, please complete the inserted form (attached at the bottom of the text) or it can be downloaded here.

For events and activities enquiries/notifications please contact Clare King or Jonathan Barr at or on 01628 507 111


"Over The Top" - Poem for the Centenary of the Outbreak of WW1

Mike Simms wrote the poem entitled “Over The Top” at the end of last year, and has been performing it, along with other poems he has written, on the spoken word/singer-songwriter circuit in Dublin and points south (International Bar - city centre; Gilbert & Wright's - Dun Laoghaire; Holland's - Bray).

It has been well received, particularly, and to his surprise, by younger people (who have told him of great-grandfathers involved in the conflict).

With Ian Monahan, a sound engineer, he has recorded it and put it up on YouTube.

The final visual you see is of Ian's great-uncle's Will, written in the trenches and witnessed by his commanding officer, which unfortunately had to be brought into effect shortly after it was made.

To view the YouTube clip click here

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