Standard Bearers

Training for Standard Bearers.  All Standard Bearers are encouraged to attend the next available course

The County Parade Marshal will be updating this soon with training dates and venues for 2019.  Steve Forward can be contacted on 023 8069 3028 and Dave Graham (Deputy) is on 01425 623102


All standard bearers are urged to take the training courses whether beginners or long-serving to enhance their position as the Legion’s presence in the community.

It has been noticed that Branches are sending Standard Bearers to events e.g. Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, who are not considered fit enough for a variety of reasons, to carry out their duties and are asked to leave the event.

Branch Chairmen are to ensure that before they send their Standard Bearer to any function he or she will be capable of carrying out their duties.

If your Standard Bearer is struggling to make it up the aisle on Remembrance Sunday it is suggested you look for a replacement.

It is now incumbent on all Parade Marshall's to ensure that the Standard Bearers under their control are fit to carry out their duties. If the Parade Marshall considers any Standard Bearer appears unfit then the Standard Bearer will be asked to leave the event.

Branches with Youth Members

Where a Branch has a Youth Member who wishes to take part in a Standard Bearers Competition and there is no Youth Standard he will carry the Branch Standard if it is a Youth only Competition.

If it is a combined competition i.e. County or Regional and the Branch Standard Bearer and Youth Member are taking part the following applies: On the inspection phase of the competition all competitors enter to be judged. The Branch Standard Bearer carries the Branch Standard - whatever mark he obtains for the care and presentation of the Standard is applied as the Youths marks for the same. For all other marks they are individually marked.

The Branch Standard Bearer and the Youth Standard Bearer share the use of the Branch Standard for all other Standard drills. 

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