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We are pleased to welcome Claire Smith, our new community fundraiser for Hampshire South and The Isle of Wight.
Claire joins us from YoungDementia UK, a national charity dedicated to supporting people living with young onset dementia where she was responsible for setting up community fundraising, events and volunteering programmes as their National Community and Events Fundraising manager.
Before that she worked for Dreams Come True Charity, in events and community fundraising, looking after mass participation events such as London Marathon then working with 3rd party event companies to offer new opportunities like the Arctic Trek to corporate partners, eventually becoming the Volunteer Community Manager where she set up the fundraising volunteer programme across the UK from 2014-2018.
Claire has already put her name down to run the London Marathon for The Royal British Legion this year.
We know you will make Claire welcome and will allow her time to settle in and learn all about The Royal British Legion (only 99 years worth).

RBL ANDOVER BRANCH are holding a VE Day service in St Mary's Church. We would like as many RBL standards at the service as possible. Also if any of you have links to any ex-services associations (airborne , engineers, PWRR, AAC ) who might wish to attend.

It is on 10th MAY 2020, timings to be confirmed. Any interested parties please email

You may have been involved in the Royal Charter consultations we conducted in 2017. This resulted in the new,  modernised Charter being adopted by members at Annual Conference 2018. This revised version, drafted by solicitors specialising in Charity Law, replaces the previous Charter with immediate effect having been approved by The Privy Council.

The Royal Charter is available on our website:

Following receipt of members feedback about the Membership Handbook, we’ve worked with Members to review, modernise and simplify its format.  As our Royal Charter changed, we have ensured that our Membership policies have remained consistent. As a result, we are pleased to introduce the “Membership Management Handbook”, renamed to reflect its purpose, which replaces the previous handbook as of today.

Some of the major changes include:
•    Removing repetitions and reducing the number of pages to make it more user friendly
•    Modernising the language as asked to do so by Members 
•    Ensuring that the content remains the same so that to avoid any changes in the way Branches and Members conduct business

The Membership Management Handbook is on Office365, readily available to all Branch Officers in registered Branches: 

Please see below information about an event organised to remember the Russian Arctic Convoy Veterans who served in WWII. This is not an event organised by the Legion but we were asked to spread the word to reach as many veterans as possible. If you are aware of any veterans who'd like to take part please do share this with them.


We are contacting you to ask if you or anyone in your branch are aware of any Russian Arctic convoy veterans who would like to attend our very special event.

At 11:00 on Saturday 16th May 2020 we will be holding a 75th Anniversary Memorial Event to mark the end of the Russian Arctic convoys and World War II. This will be held at Inverasdale by the shores of Loch Ewe, Wester Ross, Scotland.

Special Guest

Our special guest will be Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill. She will be joined by Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls representing those nations whose nationals served on the Russian Arctic convoys together with representatives from our own armed forces.

Funding For Veterans and Carers

We have funding to cover the veterans’ transport to Loch Ewe, even if that means specialist transport, including two carers (which can be relatives), accommodation for two nights in a good local hotel and any other requests for consideration. After the memorial service, veterans and their carers will be invited to join us at a reception with refreshments.

You're Welcome To Join Us

Your association is also welcome to attend including standard bearers, as are any families of veterans who are unable to attend or who are sadly no longer with us.

About The Russian Arctic Convoys

During World War II our brave Royal Navy and Merchant Mariners served on the Russian Arctic convoys sailing from Loch Ewe in Scotland to the Arctic ports of Murmansk and Archangel in northern Russia. They provided Russia with much-needed materials and armaments to help them continue the fight against the Germans on the Eastern Front, providing the Allies with the opportunity to launch D-Day.

If the terrible seas and ice were not threatening the convoys, it was the constant attacks from German aircraft and submarines that were.

In total, 104 Allied merchant ships were sunk with the Arctic convoys, along with 18 warships; 829 merchant mariners and 1,944 navy personnel were killed aboard them. Russia lost 30 merchant ships and an unknown number of personnel.


To find out more and register please visit

Hi All,
I am thinking of including some stories in the e-newsletter about order and younger veterans who want to share their experiences. The idea is to find a younger veteran or someone currently serving and an older veteran and ask them the same questions to see the differences in military life and service as the years go by. In theory these stories might be of interest to younger and older members.
I want to get some feedback from you to find out if members would be interested in reading these stories and also if there are any volunteers that would like to take part please do send me an email -
Thank you


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