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From Karolina Brzeska, Head of Membership Operations
Following our communication with regards to motion about Branch Vice-Chairmen and minimum number of committee members, we would like to issue an amendment.
The Board of Trustees approved the first part of the motion about the role of Branch Vice-Chairman. However, due to the requirement of a transparent branch governance, the minimum number of committee members required remains the same, and therefore our announcement should read:
Annual Conference in 2018 decided that the office of Branch Vice Chairman will now be an optional office. Branches with no Vice Chairman are therefore fully eligible and retain their voting rights subjects to timely submission of accounts and MS1 form.
There is still a requirement to elect at least three committee members in addition to Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to ensure proper governance structure.
Apologies for any confusion caused by the original announcement.
Dear all,
GDPR has been in place for over a year and so it is important that we all remember to make sure that personal data, particularly publicly available data is kept up to date.
We have recently received complaints regarding out of date personal information or personal information that should no longer be on some branch websites. For example this could be an ex committee officer or someone who has since deceased. This can be classed as a data breach and if we are made aware then it will be passed on to our Data Protection Officer as required by law.
Please remember that it is the responsibility of each Branch or County to maintain and keep up to date their branch website including if you have set up your own.
Any data breaches you are made aware of need to be rectified as soon as possible and reported to our Data Protection Officer:
You will find our GDPR supporting documents in the Membership Resources area here: where you will also find our Membership Retention Schedule that informs you how long different types of personal data can be held for.
If you have any queries regarding Branch websites please send an email to I would also encourage anyone looking after their website to join the Webmasters group where you will find a supportive group of other branch webmasters.
Thanks, Tom Shepherd (Office 365 Support)
Read here an article from David Lloyd, Petersfield Secretary
TRBL Regular Giving and The Poppy Lottery Ltd Private Site Campaign is running across the county during the coming weeks.
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From Karolina Brzeska
Head of Membership Operations


Dear Counties and Branches,


As we approach the 2019 Poppy Appeal we would like to say thank you for all your efforts in 2018 where you all helped The Royal British Legion exceed the £50,000,000 milestone for the first time.


The charity couldn’t raise the much needed funds, to support the ex-serving and serving personnel and their families, without your help.


However, we’d like to bring your attention to the fact that there are still members who put our income and fundraising at risk by trading outside of Legion policy.


Examples of such activity include selling items at events (instead of offering them for a donation) and selling unofficial Poppy merchandise on eBay, and these are some of the issues we face as a result:

  • We can’t audit the money because it has to go into someone’s bank account/PayPal before it comes to us;
    • This activity has VAT implications for the charity because items are sold for a fixed price instead of being given for a donation only;
  • it encourages more rogue sellers, which we are trying hard to deter, to flood the market because they see others doing it.

Please remember that Poppy Appeal items cannot be used to raise funds for Branches or Counties, only the appeal.

We’d be grateful for your cooperation in bringing such activities to our attention and ensuring that members in your branches and counties comply with the relevant rules and regulations. Thanks to our combined efforts we will be able to make this year’s Poppy Appeal even more successful and avoid potential penalties for breaking the trading law.


Thank you and best wishes


Karolina Brzeska

Head of Membership Operations

Tom Shepherd

Membership IT Systems Manager


Dear all,

You will remember at the beginning of the year I implemented the Licenced Accounts Reduction Plan. The aim being to reduce the number of unused generic (Committee) Office 365 accounts. This would help decrease the overhead costs of the licences for these accounts and to better focus on providing support and resources for the active branch/county/district accounts.

It has been over 6 months since that stage one was implemented and so I will now be implementing stage 2 to further reduce the number of unused licences. To achieve this I will look at the last 6 months of activity and produce a list of inactive accounts. Once that list has been finalised I will remove those accounts from the system.

Things to note:

  • The list of accounts that will be removed contain users that have not accessed MAP in the last 6 months.
  • If you know of other branch officers who have not used MAP in a while and may be affected please notify them of this.
  • Accounts removed at that time are not permanently deleted. This means that your content is still potentially retrievable. There is a period of 30 days after deletion when an account can be recovered. Please request this through your MSO. If the account is one of the generic Committee accounts I will discuss with your MSO about renaming it to something more relevant.

I will be removing the identified accounts on the 19th of September 2019.

If you have any queries please send me an email.

Kind regards,

Tom Shepherd


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