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Membership of The Royal British Legion is available to all adults, not just members or ex-members of the forces and we always welcome new members. Drop into your local branch or www.britishlegion.org.uk/join.


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 Briefing on Manchester Mayoral Manifesto 2017


The first election for the newly created post of Mayor of Greater Manchester will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017. The Public Affairs and Public Policy (PAPP) team has been directed by the Legion’s Campaigns Group to begin researching and drafting a short election manifesto aimed at the prospective candidates for Mayor and Greater Manchester’s local government. The document will follow on from the Legion’s successful Manifesto 2015: Building a better future for our Armed Forces community and Building a better future for the Armed Forces community in Wales: Wales Manifesto 2016 and outline the key actions that we would like the new Mayor to take to improve the welfare of the Armed Forces community in Greater Manchester. The work around drafting, launching, and promoting the manifesto will provide an opportunity to raise the profile of TRBL and bring our work to the attention of the wider public in Greater Manchester. 

This manifesto reflects the Legion’s continuing commitment to reflecting devolution, both national and local, in its campaigning work. 


The current government has committed itself to supporting the devolution of power and money away from Whitehall and down to local authorities. Greater Manchester was the first combined authority to agree a ‘Devo Deal’ in full and on the 4th May 2017 will elect its first Mayor to take the reins of this newly empowered city region. The powers that will be devolved to Greater Manchester will be more far-reaching than any other elected Mayor in the country, including London. The new Manchester Mayor’s responsibilities will include:

 * Health care

* Social care

* Apprenticeships 

* Housing

* Criminal justice rehabilitation

* Further education 

The newly devolved Greater Manchester area will include the current councils of: Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan with a combined population of 2.7 million and an economy valued at £56 billion; the largest in the UK outside of London and bigger than the individual economies of Wales, Northern Ireland and the North East of England. 

Drafting the Manifesto 

The process of writing the manifesto will be the responsibility of the PAPP team in close collaboration with the Greater Manchester and Lancashire Area Team. The intention is to carry out a consultation from August to October 2016 in order to inform the drafting phase during November and December, in time for a launch in January or February 2017. 

It is planned to facility the consultation online and through face-to-face meetings. 


* A link will be placed on the Legion’s Greater Manchester webpage and shared with all members, supporters and staff in Manchester; with the assistance of the MSO; and email submissions will be collected through the publicaffairs@britishlegion.org.uk email address.

 Face to face

* Area Staff and Volunteers – Consultation meetings will take place in Manchester to here the views of area staff and volunteers. The ADO North, Area Manager, Advice and Information Team Leader, Case Officers, Advice and Information Officers, Regional Outreach Officer, Benefits and Money Advice service and Independent Living Advice team, and Pop In volunteers will be asked for their thoughts on potential issues for inclusion in the manifesto.

* Membership meetings – Under the direction of the MSO, a meeting with local membership will take place to hear their thoughts on the manifesto. 

Views will be collated by the PAPP team to identify policy recommendations for inclusion in the manifesto.

The finished manifesto will be launched at a high profile event in Manchester and promoted throughout the election campaign period. 


TRBL are proposing to bring together a Manchester Mayoral Manifesto. I have attached a briefing note of what is proposed. We want to outline the key actions that we would like the new Mayor to take to improve the welfare of the Armed Forces community in Greater Manchester. 

To do this we have been asked by our policy team to ask for local input into this document. To do this we are going to be holding  consultations and we would really like your input into it. The consultations will be held in our Manchester office. We want as many of you to attend as your input will be very welcomed. Please can you see the list below of the possible date. If you could let us know if your able to attend and what dates you would be able to make. Please can you reply to gml@britishlegion.org.uk.

If you would like to share your views via email please send them to publicaffairs@britishlegionorg.uk  

Thursday 18th August (afternoon only),  

Friday 19th August

Monday 22nd August

Wednesday 24th August

Friday 26th August




Diy Sos

World War II veteran's stories needed

My name is Gary Bridson-Daley, and I am presently writing a book about World War Two veterans and if possible would really like some help from you.

My book will be featuring veterans from all services and backgrounds in both words and pictures, and the main aim of it is to say a very big thank you for all they did during that conflict to give us the freedom that we still enjoy today. My hope is that I can have it ready for release sometime during this big 70th year of Second World War anniversaries.

It is a real passion of mine to complete this project and capture these precious stories while opportunity still allows, and as a long term supporter of the Royal British Legion I also plan to give a donation to the R.B.L as a further way of saying thanks to all involved after the release of the book.

I am asking, if possible, for your assistance in finding surviving men and women from WW2. Also I am looking for veterans with particularly interesting, different and unique stories to feature in my book, which will help highlight the veterans and what they did for us.

If you know anyone who would be happy to be interviewed then please do direct them to me (contact details below). Also I am missing service veterans from certain services such as Navy Frogmen, Ghurkhas and any veterans from the Medical and Intelligence services.

I am also trying to get in touch with Bill Pickering former SOE operative who I know is still alive, Bill lives in Leigh Green, Manchester, he is 91 years old and still very active, and because of his Special Forces connection he would be a great asset to the book.

I would really like to find and interview Bill, but at present I am having some difficulty trying to contact him.

Can you help me with any of the above?

If you want to call me to discuss anything in regards to any of this please feel free to do so anytime. I am willing to travel wherever a good story takes me. Thanking you in advance for any time and help you can give.

Gary Bridson-Daley
Email: bookoftheveterans@gmail.com
Mobile: 07960 021 492




Chris Cherry was born in London, England, but grew up in Lincolnshire. For ten years he balanced being a teacher in Further Education, an officer in the British Army and a senior league football referee. He is also a passionate motorcyclist. A member of the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists, he travels frequently to the Battlefields of Europe to research his books thoroughly and to meet the families and descendents of soldiers and civilians caught up in the Great War. Amongst other interests, he is also a volunteer rider with the North West Blood Bikes in Manchester. Donations from all of his work will be made to the Royal British Legion in the UK and Poppy Scotland as well as to the Blood Bikes service.

The Mad Game Book Series

Royalties to the Royal British Legion


This series has been written exclusively to benefit the Royal British Legion throughout the centenary commemorations of WWI. All royalties will be donated between 11 November 2013 and 11 November 2018. The promotion and marketing of the novel were agreed with colleagues in Haig House, with local branches requested to take copies for sale at events and collections within this time period. The anticipated revenues for sales would be in excess of £100,000.

If each branch took 50 books, then the revenue would be £625,000 for the Legion. 

To achieve this, the author has undertaken direct sales with branches and some branches have ordered through the dedicated Legion order page…



Copies ordered through this route are (optionally) signed prior to dispatch. Where Legion branches have taken copies, sales have been in excess of 100 copies. For example:


Greater Manchester (nine branches have ordered. Sales of 760)

Hull (two branches, sales of 446)

 For me to talk with each branch takes an enormous amount of time and each conversation starts from scratch. It was anticipated that in return for the donation and effort in developing the novels, that the Legion would undertake this initial promotion and subsequent follow-up messages to encourage branches to order 50 copies.


The book is priced at £140 per 25 copies delivered to the branch. Signed copies retail for £10, earning each branch £4.40 in donation profit. There are three books in the series.

So, I am requesting that the Legion encourages all branches to place an order for the novel series.

Ordering is easy via the web address above or through the publishers over the telephone (0161 434 1248), or by email at admin@trenchpublishing.co.uk


 20130123 The Mad Game Final Cover Kindle Version Large

Odile S War Cover Large


 book trailer: http://youtu.be/BmNfLfR_2Yk

Amazon booksite: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chris-Cherry/e/B00GJ0BDGK


All the proceeds for both books, which are excellent reading are going to RBL Poppy Appeal and Poppy Scotland.  Please click on the youtube link for an excellent insite to the books.





Northenden Outreach Service 

It’s held in an office within Ashton Rains Estate Agents, 372 Palatine Road

Mon, Weds and Friday 9.30am -12 pm.


Legion open new Outreach Centre in Rochdale Council Offices


Vaughan Kent-Payne, Area Manager for The Royal British Legion in Greater Manchester, said: “We are delighted to launch our outreach service from 1, Riverside which will  bring our work even closer to the Armed Forces community in Rochdale. Having a dedicated Case Officer based at Rochdale Council means we can continue to deliver exceptional standards of advice and support to Serving personnel, veterans and their families – from helping beneficiaries move into affordable accommodation to assisting Forces families with debt management issues, our team in Rochdale is committed to helping those who need us most. We are grateful to Rochdale Council for this opportunity and look forward to working with to deliver our welfare services across Rochdale.”

The team are at Rochdale every Thursday from 10-1pm.


Wythenshawe Forum Concourse Outreach Centre

 Another outreach centre has been set up at Wythenshawe Forum Concourse. 

The team will be there every Wednesday from 1pm - 4pm starting on Wednesday 7th may 2014.


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Events in 2014:


Christmas Fayre, December 2014

Our annual Christmas Fair takes place this year on Sunday 7th December 2014 at the Home. Please join us for an afternoon of festive cheer and enjoy a live band, entertainment, stalls and more. The event is free to attend and we welcome donations of prizes for our raffle or volunteers to help out on the day. Please contact moc.esuohnothguorb@noyl.inad for more information. 

Broughton Xmas



The image was supplied by courtesy of CAMRA North Manchester'



To celebrate 90 years since the founding of the Royal British Legion, we would like to invite you to our open day, where there will be a variety of stalls and display's, along with people to speak too, on the many services that are available to support Manchester's ex-service personnel!

All are welcome to attend and other services present on the day will include Combat Stress, St Dunstan's & the National Gulf War Veteran's and Families Association (others to be confirmed!).

View our News & Events calendar for more information on what's happening.




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