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June is a time to celebrate the Royal British Legion's Patron, Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The Queens Platinum Jubilee emblem (please read here terms of it’s use) .


The new Royal British Legion logo and brand identity was launched in 2021 to coincide with it's 100th formation Anniversary.
The Royal British Legion will be100 years old in May 2022, a big thank you to all those that has kept it strong and alive to serve.




If you would like to join an affiliated Legion social club, see the branch list where nearly half have RBL social clubs operating. 

Membership costs £18 a year, although individual branches may also charge a small administration fee on top. Social Club fees incur additional fees and vary according to the individual club.

Click on map to see the index of branches.




Members Badge - order from the Poppy Shop

See what membership offers you or see Legion footage on our YouTube site.

GLD Facebook GroupA Facebook Group has been setup for those that want to share Members’ information and activity, going on across the London area.  It is a closed group, so you would need to join, view, post and share information. Please feel free to promote any RBL fundraising, social events, parades, ceremonies, Remembrance activity, exhibitions and any other appropriate information that Members would find interesting.
  • Please do not share anything deemed offensive, sexual, abusive or derogatory.
  • Even if something may seem ok to you, consider other people’s feelings and respect their views, religions and cultures.
  • Do not on any account enter into any arguments or ‘mud-slinging’.
  • The Royal British Legion is legally required to remain politically neutral.
  • encouraging or engaging in political debates or conversations
  • expressing personal political, religious or other views that could be deemed offensive
  • sharing or retweeting politician’s tweets about policy matters
  • you must never share confidential, personal, financial or sensitive information.
Any information that violates this code will be removed, monitoring of the site takes place on a weekly basis. Unacceptable comments and behaviour on social media could result referral to the Legion Complaints Procedure.


Goodbye to Pop In Centres - 'Pop In' Centre at Borough High Street  


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We support serving and ex-service people, and their families with a whole range of services; from advice on war pensions, providing emotional support, small kitchen appliances to a walk-in shower room and much more besides. If you need our help, then please get in touch with us. See how we can help or call the Freephone 0808 8028080.

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