New Membership Joining Procedure

New Form

The new MS4, this is the only application form to be used, if you are holding onto any of the older versions please destroy them as they will not be accepted. It must be printed double sided

Now online joining is live, it is not necessary for a Branch to formally accept the new member. The paper membership form has a space for Branch signature but that is to confirm the form has been correctly completed and this is all that is required for the Branch to do.


When you print the MS4 it is split over two double sided pages, the main MS4 is on page 1 and 2, the section (direct debit guarantee/data protection info) to be retained by the new member is on page 3 and 4. Please note this is a four page document and must be printed double sided.

Where to Send Form

Completed MS4s should be sent to our new membership application processing team at RBL Membership Applications & Payments, PO Box 1402, 9 The Lakes, Northampton, NN1 9EX.

Renewal Date

Any new joiners will be renewing their membership on the anniversary of becoming a member i.e. if I become a member on 27th May 2015, I will renew my membership on 27th May 2016 and NOT 1 October 2015. Members who joined by the 30th of March will all renew on the 1st of October

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