poppy field


Ugborough Remembers


CHURCH bells rang out and buglers played as relatives of men who lost their lives during WWI laid crosses bearing poppies in a herb garden in their memory.

Family members gathered at St Peter’s Church in Ugborough for the special commemoration service yesterday (Sun) before assembling in front of the village’s war memorial outside of the church.

The chairman of Ugborough Parish Council, George Beable, and Commodore Francis Douglas laid wreaths on the war memorial, which had been renovated by Ivybridge Co-operative Funeralcare for the occasion.

One by one, crosses bearing poppies were then placed by family members inside a herb garden which had been planted near to the memorial in memory of those who had died.

“We dedicate this garden to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives so that we might live,” the Reverend Peter Povey said during the service.

Some men proudly wore the medals of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers who had fought in the war for the service.

“Both my grandfathers were in WWI and survived the war,” said Joan Fletcher, whose son Stephen Fletcher wore their medals.

“I think this is an opportunity to remember something that maybe we don’t really think about and probably have forgotten the history about. I’ve found out a lot and it’s been quite a moving service.”

“It’s nice to wear their medals. I think they would be very proud,” Stephen added.

John Stabb said he had never even read the war memorial even though he had attended the village school when he was five and his great-uncle’s name was inscribed on it.

“My great-uncle fought in the war and died in 1917 in Mesopotamia when he was 25,” he said.

“It’s nice for him to be remembered and it’s good that there are still family members around that can. It’s a good thing.

“I went to school here when I was give and today is the first time I’ve read the memorial.”