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 Company Support

Through corporate partnerships we offer businesses a number of opportunities for working with and supporting The Royal British Legion, helping us to support the current and ex-service community.

The benefits are mutual.

 Companies can also meet their business objectives, helping to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility requirements, encouraging staff to work together, improving staff morale, and demonstrating to stakeholders, clients, colleagues and employees their commitment to a worthwhile charity.

Whether through fundraising or volunteering, your people’s involvement with The Royal British Legion will help:

  • Improve corporate reputation
  • Provide team-building opportunities
  • Improve staff recruitment and retention
  • Generate excellent PR opportunities
  • Your company meet its CSR responsibilities
  • Encourage consumer engagement and generate word of mouth
  • Establish improved brand affinity and equity
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Develop your people’s skill base

 Recent research conducted for Business in the Community by Research International proves that employees actively involved in community investment activities are much more likely to find their work interesting and recommend their company to family and friends. They also found that being involved in community activities helps them to manage people more effectively.

   Ways You Can Help

Involving Staff

Bringing your staff together at work to raise money or give time to support the current and ex service community is a great way to boost morale and strengthen teams.

 Your company could match the money raised by your employee’s hard work and efforts to fundraise. Whether they have taken part in an event and raised sponsorship or held a fundraiser in the office, why not match or contribute to the amount that they have raised. This would be a fantastic way of encouraging your staff to get involved.

 Payroll giving and the benefits for employers

Payroll giving is a low-cost scheme with minimal administrative requirements. It’s an ideal way for organisations with smaller budgets to provide vital support for charities. Research shows that payroll giving offers real business benefits including: 

  • Improving your social responsibility profile
  • Enhancing community involvement programmes
  • Improving staff recruitment and retention


 We’re always looking for sponsors for our events, literature, advertising and fundraising activities. You can add value to your core business, gain great publicity and fulfil your community relations objectives through sponsorship.

Gifts In Kind

Money is not the only thing your company can give!

 If your business can donate items or services that directly contribute to our work, we would like to explore opportunities with you. Perhaps your business can donate gifts that directly contribute to our fundraising by, for example, providing prizes or a desirable venue.


 Recycling is a great way to help both The Royal British Legion and our environment. There are lots of everyday things which can help us boost funds, including: 

  • Mobile phones – most mobiles can be recycled and we could pick up to £50 per phone.
  • Inkjet and laser cartridges – We can recycle most inkjet cartridges (how many does your company get through each week?).

 Cause Related Marketing 

Most commonly, cause related marketing takes the form of an on-pack promotion where an agreed donation is made per purchase. In effect, a win-win marketing opportunity for The Royal British Legion and the company involved.

 It can help increase sales, increase customer loyalty and attract new audiences, stand out in a competitive market, enhance your corporate image, secure positive PR and highlight your commitment to a great cause.

 A win-win marketing opportunity!

 Make the Royal British Legion your Charity of the Year

 This is a great opportunity for your whole company to work together to support the work of the Royal British Legion. We’ll help you develop a fundraising calendar and give you full support and commitment throughout the partnership. We’ll help your fundraising be successful and fun!

We have a variety of exciting fundraising ideas to suit all levels of support and a range of existing events and activities that your colleagues can take part in.

Adopt The Royal British Legion as your Charity of the Year (COTY) and put your company at the heart of the community.

 To discuss any of these ideas please contact 

Community Fundraiser Lilly Clements, lclements@britishlegion.org.uk 07918 562 624

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