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Welcome to the Poppy Appeal section of the Derbyshire Royal British Legion. If you have the time we hope you will scroll down this page which highlights all the ways you can help us raise the funds we need to help those who rely on us.   If however you time is limited or you know exactly what you are looking for. You may wish instead to use the buttons on the left of the page to go right to the section you require. Whichever way you go, it is great to have you here and many thanks for taking the time to look at what we do.

The Poppy Appeal is the fundraising arm of the Royal British Legion. All year round across Derbyshire people are giving their time and energy to raise money for our Armed Forces Community in need.

The poppy is a symbol of Remembrance and Hope. A poppy supports the Armed Forces community, past and present. We will never forget the sacrifices of our past heroes and will also support those living on through hardships across all generations of our Armed Forces community, wherever and whenever they need us.

There are so many ways you can help and some are listed below. Yet we are always open to new ideas so if you think there is a way you can help that is not listed why not contact us we would love to hear from you.

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Our welfare work is a lifeline for thousands of Serving and ex-Service people and their families and we cannot do it without help from people like you.

Every donation realy does make a difference, thank you.    Please click on the image below to Donate to the Royal British Legion.


Please contact our Community Fundraiser Lily Clements if you are interested in helping.

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 Every year hundreds of supporters organise and participate in fundraising events for the Royal British Legion. These charity events provide essential funding and help us provide the very best care and support for our Armed Forces community.

        Sky Diving

Tandem Skydive in aid of The Royal British Legion.

Tandem skydive in aid of The Royal British Legion, you can either pay for your own jump and then raise as much money as you can for the charity. Or if you would like to use some fundraising to pay for part of your jump you will need to pay your own booking fee of £50.00.

This is your contribution towards your jump. Then as long as you raise a minimum of £500.00 fundraising one month before your jump date, the balance of your jump cost can be taken from your fundraising.

Do Note However, if you do not reach your target you will be expected to pay for your own jump balance.

you can use either JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving to fundraise online.

Don’t forget to set up your online fundraising page to link to - GoRaise – to receive free donations for your event every time you shop online just by using GoRaise instead of your usual search engine. It is a great way to bump up your total and your friends and family can do the same – it is free to use for you and your charity. 


Click the image below to select your Jump Zone 

                                                            Ind Fundraiser Skydiving

To view more exciting challenge events please visit our national website The Royal British Legion

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                                                           Dronfield Appeal


Volunteers support everything we do at the Royal British Legion.

 In Derbyshire there are 86 ‘Poppy Appeal Organisers’ who manage and organise the Poppy Appeal during the Remembrance period in October.  Each of these volunteers may then have volunteers who help them with their area appeal – this can be delivering poppies to local businesses and to schools, manning a supermarket stand to help counting the money.

 It is an incredibly busy time as we have such great support from the nation.We are always looking for help to ensure everyone, has access to a poppy as an act of rememberancea at this important time. If you can spare just 2 hours to help man a supermarket stand please get in contact. I can find you an opportunity in your local area.

Please contact Lilly Clements, Community Fundraiser for Derbyshire

Tel: 07918 562 624


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 Company Support

Through corporate partnerships we offer businesses a number of opportunities for working with and supporting The Royal British Legion, helping us to support the current and ex-service community.

The benefits are mutual.

 Companies can also meet their business objectives, helping to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility requirements, encouraging staff to work together, improving staff morale, and demonstrating to stakeholders, clients, colleagues and employees their commitment to a worthwhile charity.

Whether through fundraising or volunteering, your people’s involvement with The Royal British Legion will help:

  • Improve corporate reputation
  • Provide team-building opportunities
  • Improve staff recruitment and retention
  • Generate excellent PR opportunities
  • Your company meet its CSR responsibilities
  • Encourage consumer engagement and generate word of mouth
  • Establish improved brand affinity and equity
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Develop your people’s skill base

 Recent research conducted for Business in the Community by Research International proves that employees actively involved in community investment activities are much more likely to find their work interesting and recommend their company to family and friends. They also found that being involved in community activities helps them to manage people more effectively.

        Ways You Can Help

Involving Staff

Bringing your staff together at work to raise money or give time to support the current and ex service community is a great way to boost morale and strengthen teams.

 Your company could match the money raised by your employee’s hard work and efforts to fundraise. Whether they have taken part in an event and raised sponsorship or held a fundraiser in the office, why not match or contribute to the amount that they have raised. This would be a fantastic way of encouraging your staff to get involved.

 Payroll giving and the benefits for employers

Payroll giving is a low-cost scheme with minimal administrative requirements. It’s an ideal way for organisations with smaller budgets to provide vital support for charities. Research shows that payroll giving offers real business benefits including: 

  • Improving your social responsibility profile
  • Enhancing community involvement programmes
  • Improving staff recruitment and retention


 We’re always looking for sponsors for our events, literature, advertising and fundraising activities. You can add value to your core business, gain great publicity and fulfil your community relations objectives through sponsorship.

Gifts In Kind

Money is not the only thing your company can give!

 If your business can donate items or services that directly contribute to our work, we would like to explore opportunities with you. Perhaps your business can donate gifts that directly contribute to our fundraising by, for example, providing prizes or a desirable venue.


 Recycling is a great way to help both The Royal British Legion and our environment. There are lots of everyday things which can help us boost funds, including: 

  • Mobile phones – most mobiles can be recycled and we could pick up to £50 per phone.
  • Inkjet and laser cartridges – We can recycle most inkjet cartridges (how many does your company get through each week?).

 Cause Related Marketing 

Most commonly, cause related marketing takes the form of an on-pack promotion where an agreed donation is made per purchase. In effect, a win-win marketing opportunity for The Royal British Legion and the company involved.

 It can help increase sales, increase customer loyalty and attract new audiences, stand out in a competitive market, enhance your corporate image, secure positive PR and highlight your commitment to a great cause.

 A win-win marketing opportunity!

 Make the Royal British Legion your Charity of the Year

 This is a great opportunity for your whole company to work together to support the work of the Royal British Legion. We’ll help you develop a fundraising calendar and give you full support and commitment throughout the partnership. We’ll help your fundraising be successful and fun!

We have a variety of exciting fundraising ideas to suit all levels of support and a range of existing events and activities that your colleagues can take part in.

Adopt The Royal British Legion as your Charity of the Year (COTY) and put your company at the heart of the community.


Derbyshire Royal British Legion has had the great pleasure of partnering with the below organisations. They have all provided incredible support to the Poppy Appeal.

Logo1  Logo 2         

 To discuss any of these ideas please contact 

Please contact Lilly Clements, Community Fundraiser for Derbyshire

Tel: 07918 562 624


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Get Fundraising

        Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some inspiration? Check out just some of the fundraising ideas below along with a whole host of helpful guides, hints and tips!

The Get Set Guides: - Poppy Challenge Pack - Fun Ideas for Fundraising, ages 4 to 11 - Fun Ideas for Fundraising, ages 12 to 16. 

Challenge Pack 2017 Link Rbl Fundraising Challenge Pack Age 4 11 2017 Link Challenge Pack Age 12 16 Link

These multi-page colour PDF packs can be obtained by contacting:

Lilly Clements, Community Fundraiser for Derbyshire

Tel: 07918 562 624


Inspiration: - The following PDF's contain information on both fundraising ideas and great tips on how to maximize your fundraising potential. They can be downloaded direct from this website. The links are below.

Tips to Maximize your Fundraising –link to PDF

Planning your Event in 8 Simple Steps – link to PDF

Content Inspiration for Fundraisers – link to PDF

Inspiring Fundraising Stories – link to PDF

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Poppy Rememberance

100 year Commemoration of WW1 – Thank You

100 years ago the First World War ended, and a new world began.
The example and experience of those who lived through it shaped the world we live in today. In 2018 The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

Thank You Mood Film

As seen through the eyes of an 11 year old girl.

Thank You Key Messages and FAQ

Lamp Post Poppy Campaign

The Thank-you Campaign

100 years ago, the First World War ended and a new world began. The example and experience of those who lived through it shaped the world we live in today. In 2018, The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

 We very much encourage people to be part of the Thank You movement, to express their gratitude to those who gave themselves to the war and its aftermath, and rebuilt a better nation from its darkest hour. To learn more, please visit the following link to discover ways of joining us in saying Thank You.

Communities across Britain and the allied countries changed forever. We are now asking the communities of today to come together not only to reflect and remember the huge sacrifice that so many made during the First World War, but to say Thank You to those who lived through this tragic  and remarkable time - and who put Britain on the path to becoming what it is today. It’s time to say Thank You for all they did for us. 

 As part of the Thank You campaign The Royal British Legion have produced 6 Silhouettes. Click here to view the designs or Click here to download the designs in Powerpoint. 

The donation request is the same for all of the images 

Tommy, RAF/RFC, Navy, Nurse, Suffragette, Commonwealth Soldier and Munitions Worker 

Donations as follows: 

  • With the exception of Internal/Individual all orders are £250.00 – where required a company or organisational name can be added to the base of the silhouette if requested.  
  • Internal or Individual £150.00 (this reduced rate is only for orders made by an individual rather than a group or business. Also for orders on behalf of an RBL branch, club or staff. If a sponsor name on the plinth is required in all cases the donation must be £250 due to additional production cost.  

NB: All the above prices include fixtures and fittings and delivery.  

For further information or to order a ‘silhouette’ please contact:

Lilly Clements, Community Fundraiser for Derbyshire 

Tel: 07918 562 624 


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