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Contact The Royal British Legion in Derbyshire

Derbyshire is covered the Legion's East Midlands Area and the Area administration is based in Derby.

Area Officers
Area Manager Linda Flecknell e-mail: msoeastmids@britishlegion.org.uk
Area Administrator e-mail: Andrea Redfern e-mail: emwelfare@britishlegion.org.uk
Advice & Information Team Leader Digby Brown e-mail: emwelfare@britishlegion.org.uk
Advice & Information Officer Ms Fiona Grice e-mail: emwelfare@britishlegion.org.uk
Derbyshire Welfare Case Officer Jayne Hughes e-mail: emwelfare@britishlegion.org.uk
Community Fundraiser

Lilly Clements e-mail: lclements@britishlegion.org.uk

County Officers 
Patron Mr Elizabeth Fothergill, Lord Lieutenant for Derbyshire
President Mr Robert Shields
Chairman Mr Philip Skawski e-mail: PSkawski@britishlegion.org.uk  
Vice Chairman  Mrs Angela Swift e-mail: Derbyshire.ViceChairman@RBL.Community 
Membership Support Officers - East Midlands

Contact: MSOEastMids@britishlegion.org.uk

There are four MSOs across the East Midlands area

County Treasurer Mr John Irwin e-mail: Derbyshire.Treasurer@RBL.Community
County Committee

Mr O Blackwell
Mr B F Brown
Mrs J Buxton 
Mrs A Smith
Mrs A Swift
Mr H M Williams
Mrs K Woodward
Mr J Gerrard
Mrs M Gerrard
Mr M Dippnall
Mr A Norman

County Chaplain Reverend Canon David Truby
Membership Council Member - East Midlands Mr Pete Hopkins
County Poppy Appeal Coordinator  position vacant
County Recruiting Officer Mr Owen Blackwell: via MSOEastMids@britishlegion.org.uk
County Training Officer

via MSO East Midlands: MSOEastMids@britishlegion.org.uk

County Youth Officer Via MSO: MSOEastMids@britishlegion.org.uk
County Public Relations Officer Vacant
County Website Manager

 Ævar Eyþórsson: Derbyshire.Web@RBL.Community

County Magazine and Newsletter Editor

via MSO East Midlands: MSOEastMids@britishlegion.org.uk

Volunteer Coordinator

Tracy Worsey: EMWelfare@britishlegion.org.uk

County Standard / Parade Marshal Mr Paul Scott:  Derbyshire.Committee.2@RBL.Community
Deputy County Standard / Parade Marshal Vacant
County Standard Bearer Mr Andy Boardman
Deputy County Standard Bearer Mr David Hadfield

Membership of The Royal British Legion is available to all adults, not just members or ex-members of the Armed Forces and we always welcome new members. Just visit your local branch and complete an application form. Don't forget to fill in the Direct Debit part of the form too. That way you won't forget to renew your membership next year.  Online joining is now live.

To sign into or join the Royal British Legion online: Royal British Legion membership