poppy field


The Mickleover Branch meets at the Mickleover RBL Club, Ypres Lodge, Poppyfields Drive, Mickleover, 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm 

Branch Officers

Chairman:  Mr Vernon Rosher (Mickleover.Chairman@RBL.Community)

Vice Chairman: Mrs Margaret Orme

Secretary: Mrs Nora Appleby MBE (Mickleover.Secretary@RBL.Community)

Treasurer:  Mr John Hill (Mickleover.Treasurer@RBL.Community)

Standard Bearer: Simon Briggs (simon206@sky.com)

PAO (Poppy Appeal Organiser): Steve Rogers (Mickleover.MemSecretary@RBL.Community)

Poppy Appeal

Details will appear here for the 2021 poppy appeal as they become available.

News & Events

Best regards for 2021 to all members. 

The Royal British Legion 100 Years Anniversary


 Members of Mickleover celebrating The Royal British Legion 100 Anniversary.