I am sorry this video is a little rough around the edges, however it does show the general rule of thumb in creating a News & Events page, showing how to set your page to unpublish at a set time after the event
I edit the website using a PC running Windows 10 and before that Windows 7
This video is was made pre RBL website up grade, however both before the upgrade and after, the Umbraco portal edit window has stayed the same size 500 to 550 pixels, the published website window after the upgrade is now approx 800 pixels, so it is possible if you have a lot of writing on your page the lines of writing may not look the same on the website published page.  You will be able to adjust this by viewing your proposed page using the preview tab giving you a preview of your page as it would look on the website, if you felt your wording needed adjusting return to your edit window and adjust accordingly.

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