Fund Raising Initiatives

Recycling to Raise Funds with TRBL

We are delighted to announce that The Legion is launching two new recycling initiatives this Spring  to raise essential funds through donated unwanted goods and we need your help spreading the word!

From those clothes that never come out of their drawer, to the phone that has been replaced by its newer model and even empty printer cartridges – all can be turned into funds to support the Legion whilst freeing up some space in your home!

Clothes for Charity collect unwanted and reusable good quality clothes. They provide a safe and secure way of donating clothes online. Simply request a traceable donation bag and then have this collected at a convenient time and location for you. To request a bag or to find out more please visit: may also receive a bag through your letterbox from Clothes for Charity and the Legion, please fill this up with your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags and leave by your front door on the day detailed on the bag. This year Clothes for Charity have committed to raise a minimum of £110,000 for the Legion so please get involved to help us reach this target!

The Recycling Factory collect empty inkjet and toner cartridges and mobile phones. To date they have raised £3 million for UK charities and for every cartridge successfully recycled The Recycling Factory will donate up to £4.50 and for every mobile phone or gadget up to £30!To donate visit: can then order freepost envelopes for inkjet and toner cartridges and find out how to recycle your mobile phones and gadgets.

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