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Remembrance Candle for The Royal British Legion

A trip to Edinburgh Castle with grandma proved significant in the life of David Brown.   It wasn't the castle; the cannon or the weapons that made a big impression on the 6 year old, but a visit to the Scottish National War Memorial and watching in awe as grandma opened the Roll of Honour of the Scots Guards and showed him the name of her little brother William Thornton who died at Mons in 1917.   Then she moved along the line to another record to show the name of her cousin Peter Thornton.

So began a life-long love of genealogy and a fascination with the lives and stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of the freedoms we all enjoy.

Joanne Martin can't remember when she didn't look in fascination at the picture of Captain J J Williams DCM which held pride of place in her family home.   This great grandfather survived the First World War as did a grandfather who nevertheless was shot and wounded three times while engaged in his dangerous role as 'runner' for his Company.

When Joanne and David teamed up to take over Potters Crouch Candles in 2011 they wanted to give something back; thus was born the idea of making a candle to raise funds for worthy causes.   It was only natural that they both quickly settled on the concept of a "Remembrance" candle for the Royal British Legion.

They selected the very best fragrance they had and created a candle coloured 'Fire Engine' red and decorated with small beads of black glass reflecting the purplish black centre of the 'Red Flanders' poppy.   Joanne went to work on a design and painted a lovely watercolour for the label.   The fragrance is a mixture of delicate sweet spices and heat, with exotic warm florals that evoke an eastern paradise - a timeless fragrance that is sure to delight.

Potters Crouch Candles are based in St Albans and so made contact with Natasha Robertson at Hertfordshire Community Fundraising.   Natasha loved the idea and arranged to test it with a group of fundraisers at one of her regular meetings.

One of those fund raisers knew the Potters Crouch brand well and could testify of the quality of the product and the fragrances.  

All the pieces fell into place and after meeting with Holly Haynes at The Poppy Shop the whole concept was approved quite quickly.

The Royal British Legion Remembrance Candle is now available through the Poppy Shop and plans are moving ahead to make it more widely available both as a fund raising tool and for your personal pleasure.

If you enjoy scented candles in your home, you'll love the Remembrance Candle!

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