CWG of Standish

Welcome to the Standish Branch of The Royal British Legion

We have numerous Commonwealth War Graves in Standish from both the 1st & 2nd World Wars. We have a total of 13 War graves. Below are the Head stones and information as to where they can be found.

World War 1 graves.

Ball D 

Row 10 No.966

Ball Daniel. Private 5670/S.

Royal Marine Engineers

Died 20th December 1918

Died in Brighton Buried 26th December 1918.

Farrington W

Row 13 No.920

Farrington, W. Private. 14671

Depot Lancashire Fusiliers

Died 7th July 1916 Aged 22

Died at Netley Hospital, Southampton.

Buried 13th July 1916.


Row 20 No.435

Richardson, J. Gunner L1261

119th Bde. Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery.

Died 18th November 1918 Aged 24.

Died at Lord Derby War Hospital, Winnick.

Buried 21st November 1918.


Row 20 No.119

Latham, H.W. 56077

Air Mechanic 3rd Class, Supply Park, Royal Flying Corps

Died 26th February 1916.

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