Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Chichester


Chichester has recently increased its Poppy Appeal total for three successsive years falling back slightly in 2015/16

The 2012/13 final total (30th september) was £35500.

The 2013/14 final total was £45500

The 2014/15 final total was £52600

The 2015/16 final total was £49459

The 2016/17 Appeal has already reached £46895 as at June 15th 


Well done everybody, and a big Thank You to all the people of Chichester who have been so generous again. 

Thank you to all the shops and businesses that allowed Manned and Unmanned collecting points.

Poppy People

Anyone interested in helping in the next Poppy Appeal call 0808 802 8080 to express their interest when your information will be passed to the Local Poppy Appeal Organiser.





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