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Branch Treasurer


1. The role of a Branch Treasurer


1.1. The role of a Branch Treasurer is to administer the financial management of the branch, ensuring that the Chairman and Committee are at all times aware of the financial state of the branch.


1.2. The Branch Treasurer must be conversant with the relevant provisions pertaining to all financial matters as prescribed in the Royal Charter, the Membership Handbook and other relevant policies and procedures, and must be prepared to advise the Branch Committee accordingly. The Branch Treasurer must always bring to the attention of the Chairman and Committee the financial implications of any decision they are considering.


1.3. The Branch Treasurer should present the accounts in a clear and intelligible way at the AGM, bearing in mind that many members may not be familiar with accounting procedures and should answer any questions openly.


2. Key responsibilities of a Branch Treasurer


2.1. Attend the Legion Branch Treasurers’ course prior to or within six months of taking post, or the earliest course thereafter.


2.2. Attend refresher training in accordance with Legion policy.


2.3. Be responsible to the Branch Committee for all the financial affairs of the branch, including the annual accounts and the branch bank account.


2.4. Attend and produce a report for the General and Committee Meetings of the branch at least quarterly in order to advise the Branch Committee and, when necessary, the branch members on the financial affairs of the branch.


2.5. Control all monetary transactions, ensuring that they meet with guidelines contained within the ‘Use of Legion Funds Policy’ and record these in the branch receipt and payment ledger, retaining all receipts and supporting documents on behalf of the Branch Committee.


2.6. Ensure that the branch accounts are examined/audited as required by The Royal Charter and to submit the branch account return with supporting documentation to the Membership Support Officer.


2.7. Ensure that all cheques for payment are made out correctly and that they bear the registered Charity number and the statement that the Legion is a registered charity.  Also to ensure that all cheques are signed by at least two (2) of the authorised signatories, one of whom shall be the Treasurer, and that they are clearly endorsed ‘A/C Payee only’. No signatory is to sign a blank cheque.



2.8. Ensure that the Branch Committee authorises annually the limit the Treasurer may expend on a single item without reference to the Committee, and that this authority is minuted.


2.9. Ensure that all expenditure, other than petty cash, is by cheque and that the details of all expenditure are reported to the Branch Committee at their regular meetings for their approval.  All such reports are to be minuted.  Also, to ensure that if a petty cash system is in use that it is authorised by the Branch Committee and that it operates as an imprest system.  The petty cash book is to be checked monthly by the Treasurer and at least one other Branch Officer and should be countersigned by these individuals as being correct. The petty cash limit should be no more than £50.


2.10. The Branch Treasurer should be computer literate to enable them to use the Legion On-line Membership Accounting System (LOMAS) to administer the branch accounts.

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